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Hand Metal Detectors

Auto set. High sensitivity. Detects all metals of Ferrous, Non-ferrous & Ferrite. Bigger search coil. Variable audio on metal detection indicate size of metal. Visual indications for ON, Metal, Charge & Low battery.

  • Dual power – 9V Rechargeable battery & 9V dry Cell.
  • Low power consumption – Continuous use 350 hrs or more, In – built charger. Sturdy ABS molded body.

  • Feature

  • Fully Automatic self adjusting circuits
  • Inbuilt battery charger
  • “Variable Audio” gives an idea of quantity of metal detection.
  • Audio / Visual indication for metal detection.
  • High resistant ABS molded body.
  • High sensitivity for ferrous, non-ferrous metal & its alloys, even concealed in ferrite.
  • Will not affect “Cardiac pacemaker & magnetic tapes / film.
  • Electronic Safe

    WE are Leading Suppliers, Manufacturer, Exporter of Electronic Safe lockers . We Offer a Wide Range of Electronic Safe Locker. With increase in theft and misplace of valuables, the role of safe lockers have become a necessity. The digital safes have additional advantage of operation without keys, which makes it more convenient and easy going. With highly intelligent matrix in our Safe lockers, the valuables get maximum protection. Our Safety lockers are equipped with Emergency Over riding Keys, which help you in emergency opening of locker. This Tech Solutions Digital Safe Lockers are one of the best qualities offered with sensibility, intelligence & reliability integrated in them.

    Door Frame Metal Detectors

    Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) fall into one of two general categories. The first type of Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) provides single zone detection. The second type of Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) provide multi zone detection. Basic multi zone Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) like Digitals India Sentry-MZ06 will identify that the target is on the left side or right side. To understand the difference, I will provide a quick example. Let's say that an individual walks through the opening of the Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) with a concealed weapon located at their ankles. Both the single and multi zone Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) will locate the target. The difference between the Single zone Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) and Multi-zone Door Frame metal detectors (DFMDs) is that the multi zone detector will be able to identify the location of the target, on either the left or right side of the individual.

    Fire Alarm System

    Policy All fire detection systems shall be inspected, maintained, and tested in accordance with this policy.

    Authority and Responsibility
    Departments responsible for coordinating the fire detection program are:

  • Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Facilities Operations and
  • The University Architect’s Office for new construction.
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